Husqvarna 525iLK

Husqvarna 525iLK

Husqvarna 525iLK is a robust, high-performance professional battery combi machine. Well-balanced, lightweight and power-equivalent to a 25cc petrol machine. This cordless electric combi machine is designed for full-time use, delivering the performance you need with a brushless E-TORQ motor and grass trimmer attachment with 42 cm cutting diameter. The wide range of Husqvarna combi attachments makes it a highly versatile tool for grass cutting, pruning, hedge trimming, edging or cleaning. Integrated connectivity for easy connection to digital services. Battery and charger not included.

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Product naam kort525iLK
Oem trimmerkopT35 M10
Aantal accus inbegrepen--
Artikel omschrijvingTRIMMER 525iLK Loop, Combi, T35, Bluetooth
Buisdiameter24 mm
Buislengte1436 mm
Dagelijkse trillingen aeqv1.5 m/s²
Draad uitgangsasM10x1.25 Lefthanded
Draadloze connectieBLE-HAPP
Equivalent trillingsniveau ahv eq voor achter hand1.5 m/s²
Generieke krachtbronACCU
Generieke naam langTRIMMER
Generieke naam productenTRIMMER | TRIMMER
Handvat typeBeugel
Hus gebruikProfessional use
Maximale toerental uitgangsas5800 t/pm
Model alleen integratie525iLK
Modelnaam acculader--
Overbrengingshoek30 °
Afmeting lxbxh breedte28 cm
Afmeting lxbxh hoogte22 cm
Afmeting lxbxh lengte176 cm
Ps eps hips total0 g


Accuspanning36 V
Modelnaam accu--
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