Exceptionally easily operated forestry clearing saw with high performance and unique ergonomic solutions designed for full time spacing tasks. Equipped with AutoTune for optimal engine performance. Optimized transmission with the bevel gear angled 24 degrees simplifies directional felling in dense forests. Warm hands in cold, damp climate with handle heating. Easily started X-Torq® engine with rapid acceleration, reduced fuel consumption and emissions. Very low vibrations thanks to an effective anti-vibration of the engine, drive shaft and cutting equipment. Easy to start with Smart Mode. Delivered with Balance XT harness.

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Product naam kort545FXT AutoTune
Gewicht excl snoei uitrusting8.4 kg
Cilinder inhoud45.7 cm³
Oem harnasBalance XT
Artikel omschrijving545FXT MOTORZEIS All ex US50,Can,Aus,NZ - Autotune
Benzine verbruik450 g/kWh
Buisdiameter32 mm
Buislengte1354 mm
Maximale toerental uitgangsas9700 t/pm
Model alleen integratie545FXT
Afmeting lxbxh breedte28.9 cm
Afmeting lxbxh hoogte23.8 cm
Afmeting lxbxh lengte161 cm
Toeren stationair2700 t/pm
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